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"Serving those who help"

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about how we can help everyone (especially you), help end hunger.

Soup Kitchen Serves is the non profit office of the Soup Kitchen, Inc. process. Its main function is to provide a platform where those (people and/or businesses) who want to help, but need to do so through a non profit avenue (i.e. charitable trusts or philanthropic business arms) can do so.

For hunger to end, we need a sustainable model of giving that is not solely dependent on asking. That's where Soup Kitchen Serves comes in. As the business runs profitably, the end of hunger is simply a by product of the process.

That being said, there's no reason not to be business savvy in the process.

I call this the "FedEx" conversation: Shipping is a huge factor in any business, double so in ours as we have to ship donations as well as sales to any given area. The idea is to have a major shipper get our commercial business at whatever cost its volume warrants, if they are willing to ship the donations for free, we can lower our cost of soup to our customers, increasing the opportunity for sales and donations. Having a non profit in place to process the donations from our end, allows large corporations to help through their own philanthropic end. That is how Soup Kitchen Serves, serves those who help.

Soup Kitchen Serves is putting the good back in good business, in the same way that Soup Kitchen, Inc. puts the share back in market share.

While we do not approach the process of ending hunger with our hand out in need, we are not standing here with our fist closed either. It's so hard to serve soup that way.

We are open to all the good we can receive, in any form, to help us do all the good we can do.

"Together we can change the way the world helps. ™"




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