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A message and opportunity from Jamie Klein, Director of Vision & Flavor: Soup Kitchen, Inc.


If you know me, then you know my level of trust, commitment, integrity and intention in ending hunger. If you don't know me (yet), then I know that you can trust in the commitment and integrity of the person who sent you here, and also in their intention to see a better world.

Welcome to the conversation of Soup!

I created Soup Kitchen, Inc. as an answer to the conditions of hunger. Here's how It works: For every portion of our all natural, great tasting soups sold, an equal portion of soup is donated to someone in need (for more on that process, please visit our Home Page). It's that simple. As an answer it works on the basic premise that there are more of us who can feed themselves than can't. When we make the giving automatic, the answers to hunger are easier to swallow.

And it all starts with soup.

It has been a beautiful process of stepping into the idea of ending hunger and realizing Soup Kitchen, Inc. as well as we have so far. Now it's time for a bigger idea.

Until now we have been doing the process pretty much by hand (preparing, packaging, labeling, etc.). Though a wonderful gesture, it is not one that will feed 1,000,000,000 daily (the planet's current food insecure population). It's time to grow.

Here's the vision of growth: We have the process in place to prepare and package the soup commercially. What we need to realize is the funding. This can come from one of a few ways.

  1. A commercial account large enough to afford commercial production (and I am working to make that happen)

  2. Investment funding/loans so we can afford commercial production ourselves and then sell It from there ("If you build It.....") (working on that too!)

  3. Group together, enough "individual" sales to warrant "turning on the machines" of commercial production.

Here's where you come in...
(if you're not already contacting me on one of the first two points)

What we've done for three years is sell soup as orders come in, and in doing so have been able to donate over 25,000 bowls of soup to those in need (and thank you to the thousands who have been such a supportive part of that process).

What we'd like to do is add an element of patience to that process.

If we can gather $50,000 worth of orders, we can "flip the switch" and get those who can produce the soup at much greater level to start doing so. Once the actual soup production is automated, expanding sales and distribution (and matching donations) will be a much easier process. This really is the next big step in ending hunger.

Here's how we "JumpStart!" the process. We've modeled the method used by Kickstarter. What they do is set a target goal for the project (let's say oh... $50,000), and then help you market the pitch for funds. They then hold the donations until the total amount of funds is collected. Then the money is released to produce the project. The beauty of this is, if you have a project, It is more likely to succeed if It is fully funded (i.e. if you need $50,000 and only raise $30,000, the $30,000 will most likely still get spent and the project still won't come to fruition).

I've approached Kickstarter to help Soup Kitchen, Inc., but due to the business nature of what we do, they decided It wasn't a good fit (...I know! I'm always a little shocked when someone says no to ending hunger. What I've learned though, is that "no" simply means "not here" or "not now"). They did however, explain their business model/and financial structure.

So it's time to "JumpStart" Soup Kitchen, Inc. to the next level.(with gratitude for all the info Kickstarter has shared)

If you are willing to give a little (or a lot) and wait a little to receive, we can change the game in a BIG WAY! The biggest part of this process is gratitude. Most projects give you a thank you on their credits. What we give is soup. For every $20 dollars donated, a thank you 5 pack of soup (1 of each flavor) will be sent to you (and 10 portions of soup will be sent to someone in need in your community).

Call it a lunch you can look forward to and an answered prayer for someone in need yet to ask.

I believe we can raise the needed funds ($50,000) to do this in three months. The first production run will take eight weeks (or less). That means that in less than six months we can feed as many people in need as we have in 3 years. I like that math. There's a world that hungers for this type of compassion. This is a great start!

Click on the following link to join the conversation.

For your time and attention, I thank you. For your personal integrity, trust commitment and intention, I am truly grateful.

"Together we can change the way the world helps. ™"




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