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About Jamie Klein

 Picture of Jamie Klein cooking on a grill

After more than 25 years of kitchen experience, in every level of restaurant, catering, private chef, movie and television production, my most memorable meals are the ones I've given away.

Whether it's a benefit, charitable organization, or just helping a friend who's in over their head with a private event (the French have a kitchen expression "en jus" which I first learned to mean "in the soup"), it's always been about sharing my gifts and talents in the kitchen. Even when I'm getting paid, I have to feel that I'm truly helping someone.

Besides absorbing a love for food and feeding, I've enjoyed defining my career goals by the process of elimination. It has been a terrific run of feeding people in every way from delis, to the finest restaurants, to the grandest homes and some incredible Hollywood sets around the world (well, the western hemisphere anyway). Now it's time to heed that inner voice that just wants to feed those who are simply hungry.

On behalf of myself and the countless others who are touched by your simple act of generosity (Soup Kitchen, Inc works because of you!), I want to thank you for being a part of our Soup Kitchen, Inc mission.




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