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Welcome to Soup Kitchen, Inc

Here at Soup Kitchen, Inc. we place purpose above profit, and our purpose is simple.

We are here to end world hunger.

Here's how it works:

For every portion of our Soups sold, we donate an equal portion of soup to someone in need through Soup Kitchen Serves, our non-profit giving office. Sales are tracked by Zip Code. We like the idea of people being able to help in their own community.

Simply enjoy your lunch or dinner anywhere Soup Kitchen, Inc soups are sold. You'll have a great meal, and also feed someone who can truly use and appreciate your help.

It's really that simple.

We are currently partnered with the Feeding America national network of food banks. They have the ability to get our donations to every zip code in the country (and we LOVE them for that). If you have a favorite local pantry or soup kitchen, please have them contact Feeding America and become a partner. They will help them fill their shelves even above and beyond soup.

Our goal is to spread our company's good works (and good food!) all over the globe.

From all of us at Soup Kitchen, Inc. and the countless others you are helping.

Thank you.

"Together we can change the way the world helps." ™


Jamie Klein
Chef / Owner
Soup Kitchen, Inc.


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